VoiceOnyx Offers Top Quality Business Phones

Every business require uninterrupted phone services. It is very crucial to find a business phone service company that can provide you with the best services you need for your business. They should provide you excellent solutions to improve your business’ current condition. Florida business telecommunications has worked with numerous clients for many years now and these clients were able to improve their customer relations after trying out their services.

Choose From Their Reliable Business Phones

It’s time to choose the right VoiceOnyx business phone according to your needs. First is the Polycom VVX D60 Wireless Handset which is perfect for small offices. Employees can make calls without the need of a receptionist. Those who may use this wireless handset are those who works at warehouse, autoshops, and similar workspaces. Its key features include multiple lines, voicemail, password login, sip protocol support, cordless handset, smooth and even sound. It’s easy to use, hd, and has simple navigation controls. Then, there is the Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 conference phone perfect for large group calls. It is used in executive rooms and offices, as well as boardrooms. Its key features include advanced conference call features, full range capture for voice, navigation wheel, and sophisticated networking. If you have a huge business and you usually hold conferences, this is the right phone for you.


The Polycom Business Media Phone


If ever need a phone for continuous calls, you need the Polycom Business Media Phone. It can handle moderate number of calls. This phone is cost-effective, user-friendly, clear and crisp voice quality, comfy, and has huge color display. By means of using this phone, you can improve the quality of services you can offer to your clients. You can send more efficient calls and your entire team will get more productive than ever.

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